Video Event Files for Shut Down Line #5, - Pipe Out Paddle - Sept. 2, 2017 broadcasted several segments of events from the Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017 "Shut Down Line 5" in Mackanaw City, and St. Ignace, Michigan LIVE.

Please check back after the LIVE video is reposted (14 files are posted as of 9-5-2017) in the same LIVEstream studio event file linked below as separate event posts. These posts are both reposted LIVE segments and edited versions for shorter presentation.

This event is also known as the 3rd Annual National Rally & Pipe Out Paddle Protest and was held on both ends of the Mackinaw Bridge where numerous violations of pipeline regulations have taken place, or are endangering the Great Lakes.

 According to the organizers of the Pipe Out Paddle, Line 5 is a 63 year old pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac. It carries light crude oil and natural gas and is owned by the same irresponsible foreign owned company (Enbridge) that allowed the Kalamazoo River oil spill to occur in 2010 causing the largest inland oil spill in US history.

 This pipeline poses too great of risk to our Great Lakes and is show in this video simulation link. A flotilla is a large group of kayaks/kayaktivist protesting on the water for a cause or calling for an ACTION. If this pipeline breaks, it will devastate the pristine Waters of Lake Michigan for centuries.

Gather at park (Nicolet St. & Huron Ave. in Mackinaw City, MI)
Launch of tribal jiimanug and flotilla into the water

National Rally & Protest
Press Conference (State legislators/tribal leaders in park at lakefront)

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