Enbridge Pipelines at Lac Courte Oreilles (short tour)

Members of "Walking the Enbridge Pipeline" started on June 8th in Williams Bay, George Williams College in Southern Wisconsin to walk the roads closest to the complex of Enbridge transportation pipelines and transmission towers to the Enbridge Facilities in Superior, Wisconsin in protest to the dirty extractive industry carrying fracked and tar sand sludge to refineries in Illinois, Indiana and elsewhere. They are scheduled to end their "Pipeline and Pipeline Safety Awareness Walk" on July 10th in Superior, Wisconsin.

From July 3-8th, the walkers will be in the region of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation and will be transported back and forth each day from the walking starting and destination points while being hosted each evening at the Honor The Earth Pow wow Grounds.

The public is welcome to come to the pow wow grounds to chat with the walkers any of those nights and to find out what kind of support they could use. In addition, there will be a HELP Camp potluck reunion on the evening on Tuesday July 5th as a way to help with their evening dinner meal, speakers, and some music.

You can find more information, maps and contacts at www33DaysonTwin#66.com .

During their stay at Lac Courte Oreilles at least two press briefings will take place. One on July 5th will be in the Summit Lake region on the southern end of the LCO Reservation where the old Enbridge easement takes several lines through the reservation, a re-pumping facility of some kind about 2 miles west of Signor and then across Houer Creek at the intersection of the pipelines, right of way road and the old Canadian National Railroad line at the place people call "The Highbridge."

During the 1980s, the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe refused to allow Enbridge to add any more transmission and oil lines to cross the reservation so Enbridge was forced to create a new easement outside of the reservation boundaries to carry Pipeline #61, #13 and the Arrowhead Transmission lines. Pipeline #61 has been retrofitted over the last couple of years in order to pump 4X the pressure it was built for because of how the tar sands and fracking oil is the consistency of peanut butter and does not move through the lines without being thinned by highly flammable liquids and increased pressure. Most everybody has read about the explosive lines and rail car accidents that have occurred on other parts of the Enbridge transportation network these past few years including a multi-million dollar breach of their line (#5 which by the way crosses the Bad River Chippewa Reservation) in Kalamazoo, Michigan where home owners have been sickened and forced from their homes despite years of clean-up.

The follow video shows you a couple of angles of the Enbridge pipelines on the LCO Reservation.



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