Join ICTV on a Walk thru Lizzie Trudell's Sioux Script Allotment (16:44)

Take a snow shoe/ski walk with Nick Vander Puy, John Schneider and Paul DeMain as they leave the Harvest Education Learning Project (HELP) Village and Research Center headed south into the Penokees and thru Elizabeth Trudell's 80 acre Sioux Scrip Allotment off of Moore Park Road in northern Wisconsin. 

Following in the general area of the old Indian Trail renamed the Ironton, we follow the fork in the road towards Joker's Lodge on the crest for about a mile, into the ore deposit area, but turn east on her allotment after a brief infringement into the mining company's Golden Goose exclusion zone. (See Additional Video Links at bottom of page)

Recently Gtac President Bill Williams in Hurley, Wisconsin warned that some people were trying to "cut off the neck of the Golden Goose." HELP visitors are now on the look out to save the Golden Goose from Gtac exploitation with the public searching for her each day while enjoying the Northwoods the way a good pristine area should be. We do seem to be having fun, giving tours and playing in the snow. Snow Shoe events planned for Saturday Feb. 1 & Feb. 8th and on Sunday Feb. 16th for the Valentine's Golden Goose Egg Hunt, all in the Penokees starting around noon.

And starting in late February, we start preparing the HELP Village for the Sugar Bush season.

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IT's captured HERE on 32 minute video with over 50 people! - Join for a view from the crest of the Penokee Range of Northern Wisconsin during a snowshoe into the Penokee Mountains Heritage Park and the site of a proposed open pit mine. From the Harvest Education Learning Project (HELP) Village and Research Center helping chart the environment, pristine waters and air before they are destroyed by one of the world's richest billionaires. Join us as a large group of citizens snow shoe to Joker's Lodge and the site of the ancient Cahokian culture that first blazed an ancient highway into the Penokees, 2,000 years ago.

Join Paul DeMain and Josh Pearson of ICTV,. Broadcast is NOW POSTED in On Demand file along with YouTube mobile compatible below.

YouTube Mobile Video


See DNR Report says proposed mining operation poses health threats