Meet Oneida Comedian Charlie Hill: The young, the new and the old

Oneida comedian Charlie Hill has been performing for over 40 years around Indian Country and the world and probably sacrificing the big time again and again, by staying with the truth of the matter and telling it like it is. Here, is a compilation by in honor to Charlie Hill's career in making the art of humor visible to both our friends and relatives while including the offended non-Indian world as well. Here's Charlie…….   (2013 photo by D.Kakkak)

Latest Piece - Generakee: A sure cure for Wannabes (01:12) 2/11

Charlie Hill: Hard to be Human (08:07) 2/18/11

Charlie Hill: This is Your Life in One Minute (01:21)

Charlie Hill on Richard Pryor (05:09)


Living the Life of a Native Comedian (1hr 3min)

Charlie Hill - Back Home and Still Sovereign 2010 (1hr)

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