2017 Intertribal Food Summit - Link to Video Segements and Main Player

Video Clips and Links from the 2017 Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit, April 19 - 23 from Gun Lake Pottawatomi's Camp Jijak.

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Date: April 19th
Workshop Title: Roving Reporter at Camp Jijak - Morning Workshop Sessions (Short Clips in Event File)
#1 Traditional Pottery     #2. Today Lunch with Brian Yazzie
#3. Making Cedar Knocking Sticks      #4. Making Anishinabe Corn and Flour Mortars
#5. Haudenosaunee Planting Sticks     #6 Roger LaBine and the family Bootagan
Clay Pot Firing - Aprox 8:30pm Michigan Time

Date: April: 20st
Workshop Title: Making Hominy Corn - with George Martin and Buddy Raphael (Short Clips in Event File)
Cooking in Clay Pots Aprox 1:30pm EST
Introduction to Sugar Bush - Jijak Sugarhouse Aprox 2:15pm EST

Date: April: 21nd (Short Clips in Event File)

Date: April: 22nd Earth Day
Workshop Title:  Morning Sessions
   Intertribal Treaties with Nicole Yanes
   International Food Sovereignty - Mariaelena Huambachano
   What is Food Sovereignty - Valerie Segrest
   Ancient Aquaponics & Garden Beds - DeMain, Finny and Miller 

Afternoon - Food Station Interviews and General Comments   (Clips in Event File)

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