Video Files - Food Sovereignty Symposium and Festival - March 11 & 12th, 2017

The Food Sovereignty Symposium and Festival was held March 10-12 on the University of Wisconsin campus and surrounding sites in Madison, Wisconsin.  The symposium component of the event was focusing on Indigenous and broader topics of food sovereignty that impact how communities and individuals control and manage their food systems, and the festival component was a celebration of Indigenous, local, and regional foods hosted by several very famous and mouth watering Indigenous chefs -- preparing our daily meals.


From March 10th:

File #1 Paul DeMain, Trade Routes
Paul DeMain (Oneida/Chippewa) helps open the March 10, 2017 session on Food Sovereignty followed by Rowen White (Mohawk) making her presentation on the Sierra Seed Cooperative and efforts to revitalize the collection of seeds through-out North America.
Rowen White - Seed Sovereignty

File #2 Abi Fain with the Tribal Food Code Project
Abi Fain, of discusses the need for tribes to define their own food, farming, packing and other codes to incorporate local norms, needs protection of intellectual property rights with our communities.

File #3 Brian Yazzie and Dan Cornelius reflecting on Standing Rock
Martin Reinhardt on Climate Change, Treaty Rights and Natural Resources
Chris Caldwell, College of the Menominee Nation, Dept. of Sustainability Development
Jessie Conaway and Reynaldo Morales
Final Session of March 10th Food Sovereignty Symposium and Festival with Dan Cornelius and Brian Yazzie reflecting on Standing Rock, Martin Reinhardt on Treaty Rights, Natural Resources and Sovereignty, Chris Caldwell on the sustainability of the Menominee Nation forests, Jessie Conaway and Reynaldo Morales.

From March 11th:

File #4 Rowen White on Seeds, Sovereignty and Building for the Future.

File #5 Taste of Tribes Brunch - and All Star Native chef team with food stations.

File #6 Elizabeth Hoover on the status of Food Sovereignty Today.
The complete presentation of Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, Assistant Professor at Brown University on the status of today's food sovereignty movement. Because of cell broadcasting technical issues, the video aimed at the screen is currently unavailable, but the speech presentation says it all.

File # 7 Martin Reinhardt on the Decolonizing Diet Food Project (being loaded)

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Mohawk Seed Keeper Rowen White presents on Seeds, Sovereignty and Building for the Future.

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