33 years of Publishing: August was the last issue of News From Indian Country

By Paul DeMain, Editor
News From Indian Country

Our Thanks to You, our Subscribers, Advertisers, Critics and many others for your years of attention and support!

It is not unexpected. And it might be past the opportunity to do something different, having spent the last forty-seven years of my life writing for one publication or another.

It can barely be called an emotional rush, the demise of a vehicle that needs replacement, renewal and to be handed over to the next generation like so many other things. Yes, some have come to expect it and for some, it has been part of the family household.  

But it is that time for us here at News From Indian Country and the August 2019 issue was the last published by Indian Country Communications, Inc. (ICC) of Hayward, Wisconsin.

Yes, we have had inquiries about purchasing the publication, e-edition and URLs to someone who has the energy and vision to see it continue. (Contact Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested) But that was never guaranteed in this publishing atmosphere. Thank you Internet.

Two of my Ojibwe mentors, the flamboyant Pipe Mustache and Archy Mosay coupled with the late Richard LaCourse, a Yakama journalist, all marveled at the changes in the world they had observed in their lifetime. The first two were born around the turn of the last century and could barely recognize the world they were living in from a time when they were young and there were no cars, no HUD homes, Walmarts, smart phones nor assault rifles at hand. No, actually it was a bit different back then, there were no phones at all and both Pipe and Archy were born in a wigwam even before the onset of mass produced cars.

It has been nearly a quarter of a century ago that they all passed on and took the four day walk home.  LaCourse, a regular contributor of advice to me and NFIC, walked on too early after surgery while we were working on at least three separate news and book projects.  It tells me, that if I want to do something different in life, I better do it now.

News From Indian Country started publishing in 1987 and all three of these men, along with Indigenous women like Janet McCloud, Rose Mary Robinson and Wilma Mankiller, and even a young woman named Winona LaDuke could be found in the pages of our earliest newspaper, the one now putting its last hard copy to bed.

We have survived the controversies of the last 40 years, a written testament to opinions of the widest dimensions. Treaty rights, taxing authority, identity, spiritualism, healing, war, trauma, battles between relatives, nations and international personalities.

We fought the FBI on behalf of Leonard Peltier with over 100 pages of articles and editorializing page support during our first 20 years only to learn that he had bragged to several women within the American Indian Movement (AIM) about shooting FBI agent Ron Coler at close range. Peltier’s bragging in part, led to the execution death of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash. We then seemed to be up against every devoted AIM supporter, many still relying on the work of former CIA agent Peter Matthiesson’s view of events as gospel. 

We have dealt with stories of great diversity, ironworkers, the opening of the National Museum of American Indian, Whiteclay alcohol sales, spearfishing, casinos and more casinos, federal recognition, Indian Child Welfare, hemp, taxes, salmon, treaty rights and more treaty rights, boarding schools, the Babbitt Hudson Dog Track fiasco and Democratic National Committee donations, Jack Abramoff, corruption across the tribal spectrum of tribes, nations and organization, criminals and prisoner population way out of proportion to the population, unjustified police shootings, wannabe medicine men and charlatans posing as American Indians.

Do you know how many times some project development has produced Indian remains and artifacts and non-Native headlines about “the presence of Indians once living here has been confirmed,” duh? Well, it is still happening.

We have also read some of the most beautiful stories about self determination, military service and codetalkers, language revitalization, super fund clean-ups, and battles won against dirty oil exploration, pipelines and the defeat of strip mining, implementation of renewable energy projects, business entrepreneurship of every kind, Lacrosse championships and Native Olympics, powwow champions,  and Native people excelling in every imaginable sport, the birth of the food sovereignty movement  some 25 years ago, the establishment of tribal schools, colleges, clinics, radio stations, courtrooms and laws. We have reviewed hundreds of new books by Native authors, and music from Indigenous American producers around the world, the establishment of National Native American Music Awards, (NAMA) and the Northwest and Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commissions overseeing treaty rights and  the rise and demise of many other organizations representing everything from casino operations, to journalism and underground storage tanks.

It has been, a wild, wise and wonderful ride, but you get the idea.

ICC has 10 Indigenous stockholders and a board of directors that have recently approved the liquidation of the corporation, the sale of various land and office building holdings and payment of debt and obligations to various subscribers of the hard copy publication and e-edition.  The sale plan might include transfer of the subscriber base to a new owner.

Located at various locations over its 32 years on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation and in the heart of Ojibwe country: the homeland of my Ojibwe relatives, ICC has employed over 50 members of the community. In some cases ICC has trained and provided an opportunity to move onto bigger and better things.

News From Indian Country's 1st office building on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation of Northern Wisconsin.

More than anything else, it was the writings and contributions, controversial, stinging, challenging and down right nasty at times that kept the community in touch with all kinds of news and information. The publication, and other periodicals published during its heyday in printing included the Gaming Guide, The Pow wow Directory, Ojibwe Akiing. We also were involved with publishing the Mishomis Book as well as others, and eventually live streaming video of public meetings, debate and front line action.  

The Current News From Indian Country office building at LCO is up for sale.

But it is time to do something different.  

A huge, huge hug of appreciation to the many people that provided content to both News From Indian County  (NFIC) since 1987 and most recently IndianCountryTV.  Or as we say around here, Miigwetch, Yawahko, Waewaenen or Pinagigi.

It wasn’t just our newspaper, for many, it was theirs and yours as well.  Some have been with us from the very beginning, over 32 years ago. Many have passed on.

Both Mark Trahant and Doug George almost look like infants (lol) and the byline names on articles, opinion and submissions read both the famous and faint. Many others have used us in order to provide their perspective.

Following is a list of  many of those who wrote for and contributed to NFIC, Akiing or our other publications as freelancers, photographers, graphic artists, reviewers, jokers and complainers. In the face of traditionalism in Indian Country we tried to make sure we even had one small flaw or typo in each issue so the creator knew we didn’t think of our selves as perfect at all.  

During the same time, we also recognize both the Native and non-Native writers from the Associated Press, UPI, and Native News Services that provided additional editorial content, another list of names we have no room to publish here.

A big ChiMiigwetch (Thank You!) to all 450+ contributors, many who have already walked on to the spirit world, and to many others who we may have failed to mention here who have been part of our support, our inspiration, and our life for the past 33 years.  


Kimberlie Acosta (Ojibwe)*
Honyere DeMain (Ojibwe/Oneida)
Paul DeMain (Oneida/Ojibwe)*
Steve Dodge (Menominee/Oneida)*
Doug George (Mohawk)
Dale Kakkak (Menominee)
Winona LaDuke (Ojibwe)
Robert Prueher (Ojibwe)*
Janice Rice (HoChunk)
Mark Trahant (Shoshone-Bannock)*
Arne Vainio (Ojibwe)

    John Beaudin (Ojibwe)
    Pat Calliotte

EMPLOYEES over the years
Kimberlie Acosta
Alvin Baker
Roger Baker
Lonnie Barber
Mike Bassett
Mary Beaudin
Sararesa Begay
Terri Bisonette
Jim Butler
AJ Chino
Keshia Chino
Pat Calliotte
Ryan Cooper
Honyere DeMain
Mike DeMain
Paul DeMain
Karen Donahoe
Debbie Graves
Susan Gordon
Willard Gouge Jr.
Sunshine Hunter
Joanna Jackson
Dale Kakkak
Laura Martin
Kim Milam
Anna Miller
Brian Miller
Kelly Nayquonabe
Scotty Penass
Eva Quagon
Gordon Reguintti
Sandy Rooney
Christine Schneider
Mike Sullivan
Ogemah Taylor
Tammy Tribble
Minnie Two Shoes
Tom Tourtillott
Donna Skille
Jeff St. Germaine
Nick Vanderpuy
Jenny Witt
Utina Wolf
Doreen Wolfe

Kimberlie Acosta
Sierra Adare
Lynn Adair
James Allen
Judy Allen
W Ron Allen
Iris Allrunner
Marjane Ambler
Kirk Anderson
Len Anderson
Marge Anderson
Bunty Anquoe
David Anungons
Liz Arbuckle
Annie Arias
Susan Arkeketa
Tom Arviso
Roberta Avery
Dr. John Bacher
Jim Bailey
Al Baker Jr.
George Baker
Maryellen Baker
Dove Banaise
Wishelle Banks
David Bartman
Louise Barton
Danny Beaton
Delores Beaudin
John Beaudin
John Beaulieu
Monica Beaulein
Denise Becenti
LeNora Begay
Sararesa Begay
Billy Blackwell
Joe Milner Benjamin
Albert Bender
Sherrole Benton
Edward Benton Banai
Vernon Bellecourt
Walter Bigbee
Berna Big Thunder
Stan Bindell
Terri Bisonette
D. L. Birchfield
Spencer Black
Mark Boswell
Mary Bowannie
Dr. Jeffery L. Boyd
Mona Breckenridge
Walt Bressette
Kara Briggs
Mary Lue Bristor
Dick Brooks
Vee Browne
Joseph Bruchac
Ann Buck
Shirley Brozzo
Melissa G. Buckles
D.L. Birchfield
Susan Bushey
Mike Burgess
Nancy Butterfield
Cris Byers
E. K. Caldwell
Naomi Caldwell
Pat Calliotte
Carolyn Calvin
Francis E. Caldwell
Robert Capriccioso
Jo Carillo
Robin Carneen
Gwen Carr
Don Carufel
Doug Casgraux
Karen Lynch-Castillo
Shelly Ceglar
Rebecca Chamberlain
Valerie Taliman Chavez
Dr. Dean Chavers
Jeff Cochran
Ken “Bear Hawk” Cohen
Cynthia-Lou Coleman
David Collins
Don Collins
Janice Command
Andrew Connors
Don Contreus
Ray Cook
Kathryn Cooper
Melissa Cooper
John Copley
David Cornsilk
Dr. James H. Cossingham
Abby Cote
Lindsay Cote
Art Coulson
Carol Craig
Vincent Craig
Mark Crawford
Wendy Moore-Cummings
A.J. Currie
Terri Crawford Currie
Logan J. Davis
Shelly Davis
B.Q. Deckelman
Kenneth Deer
C.S. Degener
Vine Deloria Jr.   
Trace DeMeyer
Ruth Denny
Kenneth Deer
Jimmy Boy Dial
Kamay Dickenson
Heida Diefenderfer
Nathan Dinsdale
Michael Dodson
Karen Donahoe
Bill Donovan
Margaret Dubin
Anne M. Dunn
Duncan Earle
Amy Echohawk
Crystal Echohawk
John E. Echohawk
Lucille A. Echo Hawk
Ken Edwards
Kristin Eleazer
Cherie Elm
Sue Erickson
Violeta Esperanza
Adonijah Espinosa
Johanna Eurich
Jan Evans
Alexander Ewen
Gary Fife
Norman Fillmore
Sharon Fink
Richard Flavin
Johnny P. Flynn
Pat Fogerty
Gail Folda
Jack D. Forbes
James M. Fortier
Father Michael Fowler
Billy Frank Jr.
Karen Free
Elizabeth Gaines
Peter B. Gallagher
Elizabeth Gaines
Lucy Gange
Molly Gardner
Kevin Gaudette
Al Gedicks
Joseph G. Geshick
Tim Giago
Jonathan Gilbert
Carolyn Gonzales
Paul D. Gonzales
Saxon Gouge
LaVonne Goslin
Paul Gowder
Natalia Graf
Christine Graef
Mike L. Graham
Jim Gray
Liz Gray
Louis Gray
Vicki Grayland
Scott Greacen
Joel Gordon
David J. Grignon (Nahwahquaw)
Ginny Grimm
Jeanne Grimes
Zoltan Grossman
K.G. Guillen
Candy Hamilton
D’Anne Hamilton
Terri Hansen
George Hardeen
Helen Hardin
Suzan Shown Harjo
Henry Harper
Amy Heart
James F. Hill
Liz Hill
Howard L. Honig
Emily Hone
John Christian Hopkins
Chuck Hunt
Lee Hyeoma
Ruth Imes
L.J. Iron
Harold Iron Shield
Sarah James
Bevy Deer Jensen
Roberta John
Kenneth Judge
Dale Kakkak
Carol Kalafatic
Doug George – Kanentiio
Randy Kapashesit
Yvonne Kaquatosh
Hal Karp
Ron Karten
Brian Kelly
Matt Kelley
H. Kemp
Jim Kent
Scott Kerr
Louis Korn
Debra Krol
Camille LaCapa
Theresa Jensen Lacey
Richard LaCourse
Boye Ladd
Winona LaDuke
Richard LaFortune
Scarlet Lee Landers
Barbara Landis
Art Latham
Kate Lechnir
Tanya Lee
Dan Lewerenz
John Lentz
Joe Liles
Deborah Locke
Patricia Locke
John Lockhart
Spencer Lonetree
Jon Lurie
Karen Lynch
Sandy Lyon
Richard MacPhie
Mary Mapes
Missy Mahkimetas
Thom Malnourie
Cherokee Mangus
Wilma Mankiller
Ben Marra
Ed Scoop Martin
T.B. Martin
Dr. David Martinez
Kathy Martinez
Gary Maas
Scott Mckie
Peter Matthiessen
Dennis McAuliffe, Jr.
Dr. Kay McGowan
Brian Wright- Mcleod
Tonia Carter-Means
Bubba Meeth
David Melmer
Brent Merrill
Gloria Merrill
Sharon Metz
Karen Lincoln – Michel
Roberto Michel
Dr. Marie Miczac
Karen Mills
Gary Mitchell
John Mohawk
Ross Montour
Debra Moon
Geri Moore
Joshua Moore
Kevin Moore
MariJo Moore
Joan Morrison
Ms Scott Morrison
Jeff Morrow
Terri Morrow
Wilhelm Murg
James Pipe Mustache
Esther Nahgahnub
Paul Natonabah
Thelma Nayquonabe
Ben Neary
Terrance Nelson
Sandra Gokey - Nevala
Carole Nez
Phyllis Noah
Richard Noble, MD
Natalie Noel
Brenda Norrell
Jim Northrup, Sr.
Jill O’Brien
Gilbert Oskaboose
Katherine M. B. Osburn
Sandra Johnson Osawa
Barbara Owl
Agnes Patak
Al Paulson
Robert “Bob” Peaslee
Debra Peebles
David Pego
Mary Annette Pember
Kevin F. Peniska Sr.
Sarah Penman
Todd & Beth Persche
Dan Peterson
Jeff Peterson
Richard Peterson
Dawn Karima Pettigrew
Cornel Pewewardy
Bryan Phelan
Christopher Phillips
Richie Plass
Joseph Pluchinota, Ph.D.
Roscoe Pond
Lori Lea Pourier
Jaime Puebla
Kerry Pulley
Donovan Quintero
Jancie Rabideaux
Sandra Rambler
Jodi Rave
Leta Rector
Bonnie Red Elk
Lois Red Elk
Guinda Reeves
Jim Rhodes
Martin Reinhardt
Mayo L. Reiter
Bilie Rice
Dana Ridling
Chris Roberts
Rob Robinson
Sharon Rogers
Mark Anthony Rolo
Judy Rosales
Tracy Rosiene
Kurt Russo
Sal Salerno
Gary Sandefur
Michael Sangiacomo
Erv Sargent
Elmer Savailla
Maria Scandale
Sandra Hale-Schulman
Elaine Schroeter
Koreen Scott
Marley Shebala
Julie Shortridge
Jeanne Simonelli
Richard Simonelli
Sandra Skinaway
Keith Skenandore
John Skye
Donna Skille
Sonny Skyhawk
Susan Shannon
Ted Shaw
Kristine Shotley aka: Ricey Wild
Kristi Siegel
Amanda Siestreem
Deb Smith
Dan Smoke – Asayenes
Mary Lou Smoke
George Snyder
Mordecai Specktor
Lee Sprague
Ernie St. Germaine
Dr. Rick St. Germaine
Howie Stalwick
Joan Staples
Judy Starkey
Arigon Starr
Tana Stenseng
Ernie Stevens
Gelvin Stevenson
Ruth Steinberger
Tina Stinnett
Daune Stinson
Diane Sullivan
Michael Sullivan Sr.
Ken Syrette
Patty Talahongva
Loren Tapahe
Jan Thijs
Dawn Thomas
Abbey Thompson
Anne Thundercloud
Lois Tomas
Beth Tornes
Tom Tourtillott
Lori Townsend
Mark Trahant
Robert Treuer
Charles Trimble
John Trudell
Asiba Tupahache
Marty Two Bulls
Minnie Two Shoes
David Underwood
Arne Vainio
D.J. Vanas
Nick Vanderpuy
Cristina Veran
Patricia Wade
Richard Wagamese
Kathy Wahpepah
Davidah Walker
Richard T. Walker
Paul Walterbeek
Robert Allen Warrior
Ronnie Washines
Chuck Waters
John G. Watts
Bobbi Webster
Kim Wensaut
Richard West Jr.
Suzanne Westerly
Rick Whaley
Catherine Whipple
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Monica White
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Debra White Plume
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Robert Wholecheese
Mike Wilber
David Wilkens
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Joysa Winter
Barbara Winters
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Barbara With
Shirley Hill Witt
Laura Waterman Wittstock
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Father Ted Zuern

Our apologies for missing anyone.

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